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Honor & remember those that matter most

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The Eternal Planet™ is a shared virtual world where you can dedicate and discover natural elements, wildlife, and unique monuments that memorialize your loved ones forever.


Dedicate trees, flowers, animals, unique monuments, and other elements to your loved ones in a beautiful and serene, virtual world.


Discover the timeless natural and breathtaking landscape of
The Eternal Planet and the Dedications and Memories it holds.


Create Memories linked to Dedications by uploading photos, videos, and stories to preserve your most precious moments.


Share Dedications with friends, family, or the world. The Eternal Planet can be as public or as private as you want it to be.

When my grandmother passed away, I was struck by a sadness I didn’t know I could feel. I learned that dealing with the loss of a loved one is, without question, the hardest part of life. As we mourned and made funeral arrangements that were essentially unchanged from those my grandmother must have made for her parents, I told my friend and co-founder, Geoff, that I wanted to do something more, something modern, and something meaningful.

He envisioned a beautiful and timeless world, teeming with life yet undisturbed by humanity. A shared world where we are symbolically surrounded by the ones we love forever.

And so, Geoff and I began to develop a new experience that will connect friends and family across space and time in a celebration of life. Please help us make The Eternal Planet the place to honor and remember our loved ones online together.

Thank you,

Anatoly & Geoff

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