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What do we do when we miss our loved ones?



 Grief isn’t linear

People typically say we go through five stages of grief when we lose someone: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

The truth is, you may go through some or none of these stages. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, the researcher that proposed and popularized this model of grief, realized this herself later in life.

Grief isn’t linear, it’s something we each experience in our own way and depends on our relationship to the person, the circumstances of their passing, and countless other factors. That, in turn, affects how and when we choose to express ourselves when honoring and remembering them.

 Appreciate the time you have

Some of us turn to religion for guidance, others turn to friends and family, and these days, we also usually consult Google.

The internet is full of ideas for memorializing our loved ones. And while, one size does not fit all, most of these resources and authorities agree that celebrating your loved one’s life is an essential part of the healing process.

It helps us accept our new reality – no matter how painful it might be at first – and learn to appreciate the time you had together.

That’s why we created The Eternal Planet, a new way to honor and remember our loved ones with traditions old and new.

App recording: Reviewing a Dedication before you finish creating it for your loved one.

App recording: viewing a loved one’s Memories.

Discover amazing people and how much they were loved

The Eternal Planet is a serene and timeless virtual world that you can visit from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

It’s a place where you can express your love with digital Dedications like trees, candles, sculptures, and animals and share your fondest memories of your loved ones with family, friends, or the world so they can discover these amazing people and how much they were loved.

“I like this because it seemed to be more celebration of life rather than mourning.”

Anonymous Survey Respondent #198, 37 year old male from California